HOWTO: Chinese art for League of Legends

So you’ve probably watched a stream or seen a screenshot where the art in League of Legends looked quite different than in your client. This is the Chinese art for LoL and it looks pretty amazing compared to the original art.

Well, don’t go cursing the Chinese for getting such awesome art, because you can get it too!

Basicly only the avatars/small pictures in character selection and the splash screens in loading screen are different. It doesn’t affect the skins in the game at all.

This art can easily be changed by just downloading these two files:

wtfitsu77’s LoL Arts Overhaul

ItzWartys RAF Manager

The first file contains download links to client arts and loading screen arts. The second file is needed to install the loading screen arts.

For the Arts Overhaul files, you need to open the downloaded file and get the real download links from the text file. They are at the bottom of the text. Download these files and then we have all we need.

Client art installation:

When you have downloaded the files, navigate to your League of Legends installation folder. (usually located in “Program Files\Riot Games\League of Legends”) Be sure to close your League of Legends client before installing!

Once in there find this folder:

\rads\projects\lol_air_client\releases\ 0.0.0.***\deploy\assets\images

Backup the champions folder, so you can later revert the changes if you like.

Then go back to this folder:

\rads\projects\lol_air_client\releases\ 0.0.0.***\

(*** is the current client version)

Copy the contents in the League of Legends Art Overhaul package into this folder (deploy folder).

This should replace the art in the character selection. Now you need to use the RAF manager to change the loading screen art.

Loading screen arts:

Extract the loading screen files from the Loadscreen overhaul package where ever you want. (but remember where you put them)

Extract the files in the RAF manager zip ( Then run RAF manager. It will ask you to locate the League of Legends folder.

Once the program has initialized, drag the Loadscreen folder to the right side of the RAF manager folder. Alternatively, you can click on Mods->Insert directory and manually find the Loadscreen folder.

Now wait for RAF manager to load the mod, if it asks you something about versions, just click ‘Done’. I had to do this many times. Once it is done loading, It will ask you to name the mod, just enter Loadscreen mod or something like that.

Now you have to enable the mod by clicking on the ‘Disabled’ icon on the right side. Make sure it says ‘Enabled’. Now go to File-> Pack, and it should enable the loading screen pictures. You’re all done!

Reverting the changes:

Just remove the champions folder in the images directory and replace it with your backup.

For the loading screen pictures, just open RAF manager and disable the mod. Then File->Pack should do the trick.


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